Wind Energy Renewables in Africa

Wind Energy Renewables in Africa

If you are interested in wind energy Renewables in Africa,

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We are an online platform who can help you learn more about investing in renewable energy. Our website was created to make people more aware of how we can positively impact the world through sustainable energy.


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Wind Energy

Solar energy is widely covered, however, wind energy is much lesser known. Therefore, Renewables in Africa have created their online platform to educate people about the many possibilities it holds.


When you are looking to invest in wind energy Renewables in Africa are the company to contact. Let’s delve into some commonly asked questions.


Where in Africa is the best potential for wind energy?

The answer to this dependents on what one defines potential as. However, to answer this vast it can be found that the great potential for wind energy in Africa would be in Eastern Africa. This area of Africa has extended coastlines which form strong winds. Therefore, this is ideal for wind turbines to be placed.


How big is the current wind industry in Africa?
The wind industry in Africa is still small and concentrated. However, it is worth noting that substantial progress has been made in the last 10 years. Whilst more and more people are becoming aware of what wind energy can offer not only Africa, but also the rest of the world, they are seeing the importance of getting involved.


Investing in Wind Energy

When making an investment in wind energy Renewables in Africa are able to support you and provide you with guidance throughout the whole process. This means that as soon as you show an interest, we will be able to support you. This means getting you involved in conferences surrounding wind energy, making you aware of current articles and providing you with the right connections.


By all the support we can provide you, we can guarantee that you will be able to decide whether or not an investment in wind energy will be the right decision for you.


It may seem like an expensive investment, however, the benefits are endless and therefore it will be one worth making.


What are the main challenges to wind energy?

Africa faces several challenges when it comes to its wind energy. These include:


  • Policy challenges
  • Technical challenges
  • Economic challenges


Like any other sector, the wind industry requires regulatory framework. Without this, it will be very difficult to manage successfully and prosperously. Furthermore, wind energy cannot be easily predicted, and it does not have storage capacities. This means, that it may be relatively unreliable. Also, when assessing the economic viability of the generation of wind power, we can see that renewable energy costs have decreased in the last year, however, it still faces a large financial issue.  


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