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Wind energy in Africa is an important aspect of renewable energy for the future. It is still a relatively unknown form of energy, and does not get much attention in the media.


Hydropower has been the longest-standing and the largest green energy source used in Africa’s supply industry. However, in the last 2 decades, we have seen the rise of solar and wind energy in Africa.


There are many opportunities for wind energy in Africa. The East coast have an extended coastline with strong windows. This would be a very beneficial place for wind power. As it is currently standing, the wind market in Africa is still small.

However, it is getting more attention and with its great potential, should be increasing in the next few years.


There are many challenges to expanding wind energy in Africa.

These fall into 3 main categories: policy, technical and economic.


Like most cases of renewable energy, it requires clear strategic and regulatory framework in order for it to fully thrive and be beneficial. There is no clear plan to boost the industry in Africa and so there are no real implementation plans.


Furthermore, wind energy cannot be predicted. Also, it does not have storage capacities. Therefore this results in wind energy in Africa not being considered reliable, like other renewable sources.


Another challenge to wind energy in Africa is economic challenges. The cost of any renewable energy is very high and it is a long term investment. This sort of energy also requires significant back-up plans.

As a conclusion, wind energy in Africa is a very beneficial long-term plan for the country. However it is a  long term investment that many seem to be too afraid to get involved in. The resources for wind power are clearly underutilised and the sector lacks ambition.  

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Africa Today

When visiting Africa today, it is rare to see giant turbines churning in the wind. Until this time, the investment in wind energy in Africa has come from governments and foreign donors. However, this may be changing. There are more private investors who are interested in getting involved in the industry to find the real potential for this sort of renewable energy in Africa.

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