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Our founder Tony Tiyou set up our online platform to increase people’s awareness of renewable energy in Africa. There has been a lot of citizens left confused about what it actually means to not only invest but also use green energy.


Renewables in Africa is here to empower customers. We want to do this by raising their technical knowledge and awareness of renewable solutions.


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What Does It Mean?

Africa’s wind energy market had evolved over the years. The continent has an extremely large coastline and therefore has one of the best potentials for wind power production.

Currently, the investment in wind energy has mainly come from the government and foreign donors. This is changing fast. Private investors are noticing the potential in joining the wind developers for Africa.

One of the issues and reasons why wind energy is not growing in Africa, is due to its relative unknownness. Most other forms of renewable energy are often covered in the media. This has raised many people’s understanding of these forms. But not wind power. That is where Renewables in Africa comes in.

Africa has a great deal of potential for wind. This begins with gaining more wind developers for Africa. The market is still small and concentrated but great progress is being made as it is becoming more well known.

However, there are several challenges that are preventing the wind market from growing to its full potential. These include policy, economic and technical challenges.

When it comes to policy challenges, these include creating a clear structure and plan for the industry. Implementation plans have not been thoroughly made, and therefore the industry lacks behind.

Technical challenges involve the fact that wind energy cannot be easily predicted. Furthermore, it does not have storage capacities. These two shortcomings can be used to partially explain why wind energy is not considered a reliable enough investment.

Wind developers for Africa may face several economic challenges from the industry as well. It is an expensive investment and due to its unreliability it is difficult to know how it will benefit the continent. Furthermore, it also becomes clear that wind farms require significant back-up plans.


Why Get Involved?

Today, 1% of the electricity production is made up of wind. There is a potential for this number to get much larger.

In Africa there are eight countries that have the greatest wind energy potential among the world’s developing nations. These include Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Mauritania, Egypt, Madagascar and Kenya.

It has been predicted that by 2040 the population in Africa will double. What’s more, the economy will grow and the energy demand will significantly increase. Therefore it is here that wind developers for Africa must get involved to efficiently improve the renewable energy market in Africa.


Africa is a great, untapped source that has the potential for a great increase in renewable energy. It is an important investment to make, sooner rather than later!


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