What is Best for Africa? –


A weekly conversation with Tony Tiyou & Renewables in Africa (Starting Sept 19th)

Quick Summary:

RiA is launching a new initiative, WiBA and here are the key points discussed

  • Why should we bother?
  • How would it work?
  • Who should join?
  • When is it happening?



* Mbote  dear RiA-der!  Sango nini?

Times are changing my friends and so is Africa and the World.  A new day is emerging in front of your eyes and it is important to stay on top of our game. UK is dealing with Brexit, China is becoming more global, India is growing, America is looking more inward and EU is re-inventing itself. So Who is going to be the best partner for Africa?


Why should we bother?

Africa population is expanding, growth is accelerating, Energy demand is exploding, and Climate Change is threatening so which direction should Africa take to meet its needs?

Access to finance is limited, skills shortages are high, local supply chain is weak and regulatory framework are inconsistent so what is the best growth path for Clean Energy in Africa?

As you could see friends, we are not short of questions to address challenges face by Africa and the good news is…Renewables in Africa is stepping efforts and launching an online weekly conversation. We are hoping with this initiative to contribute to the debate and provide solutions to Africa as a whole and the clean energy sector in particular. To quote a family member and one of the brightest young minds of Africa, “We have a Continent to build”.

Africa Map 300x300 - What is Best for Africa? –
Figure 1 – African Continent – The Beauty

How would it work?

The format we’ll use will be simple. Every week, we’ll have a topic to discuss and explore and we will welcome contribution from all. We will be working on bringing some other speakers to share their expertise on a particular topic. However, the space will be open for industry and public to engage with Renewables in Africa and our partners and sponsors.

We will be using the Zoom platform to run the conversation and the link is provided below.

A summary of the conversation will be provided to all participants and various other materials will be developed along the way.

Exchange of ideas 1024x724 - What is Best for Africa? –
Figure 2 – Exchange of ideas

Who should join?

The space is open to anybody that has an interest to Clean Energy in Africa and is willing to contribute.  So are you an Industry professional, a student or just a simple citizen curious to find out more about Renewables in Africa? Hey, have a seat! It is FREE and we don’t bite! All opinions are welcomed…as long as we all stay respectful of one another.


When is it happening?

We will be running the conversation every Wednesday from 9am – 10am GMT time. We anticipate that we might have some clashes at time and we will work to minimize as much as possible disruptions and inconvenience.


RiA-ders! We are excited to embark on this new journey with you. Let’s discuss about Africa best interests in this global context and join forces to find solutions together.

Let’s go Clean (Energy)! Register HERE to attend: https://goo.gl/zRg1hq

**Mokolo malamu


Mbote! Sango nini?: “Hello!  How are you? ” in Lingala

** Mokolo malamu: “Have a nice day” in Lingala


Lingala is a Bantu language spoken mainly in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and in the Republic of Congo, and also in Angola and the Central African Republic.

One of the greatest African hero and Lingala speaker was Patrice Lumumba, politician and independence leader who served as the first Prime Minister of the independent Democratic Republic of the Congo (then Republic of the Congo) from June until September 1960.


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