first of all, I am like you a citizen of this 7 billion-populated planet called “Earth”. I guess you will probably wonder how I developed this special interest and passion for Renewables?  Well, 7 years ago, I attended a conference called “Electric Africa” in London, and remembered being struck by this satellite image depicting the power distribution across the globe and the African continent, at the exception of few bright spots in the north and south extremities, was the only one all dark. Until that time, I have not realised how serious and widespread the issue was. From that moment on, I decided to use my skills to contribute on closing this gap.

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"I deeply believe the time is right now, to seize the opportunity and work towards providing Energy Access to ALL Africans. PA’ TÒLÉU *!!"

* PA’ TÒLÉU: So Let’s get started in Bafang (A Cameroonian language)

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Following the good education of my parents back in Cameroon where I grew up, I initially graduated in Mechanical Engineering and I hold a triple Master degree from Cranfield University (UK), Ecole Centrale de Lille (France) and Faculte Polytechnique de Mons (Belgium). To develop my knowledge in my new found interest, I qualified as Domestic Energy Assessor from ABBE in 2009 and later trained in the European Energy Centre and qualified as Renewable Energy Expert. Altogether, my combined professional experience in Automotive and Renewable Industries spans over 10 years. Last but not the least, as a proud husband and especially FATHER, I am particularly sensitive to the global challenge of Climate Change but also aware of the unique chance the abundant renewable resources are offering to Africa.


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