Technical Advice

Technical advice for project developers & power consumers

Technical design - Technical Advice

  • Assist the Client in early stages of development, from conceptual design and site identification to pre-feasibility and feasibility studies.
  • Carry out business and financial simulations of different options.
  • Provide local content knowledge in assessments of various solutions.


Case Study

Project: Feasibility studies for 30 MW Solar PV plant in Cameroon

RiA was hired to conduct feasibilities studies and support the developer through the development phases.
RiA was split into 4 phases:

  • Screening: checking there was no showstoppers.
  • Assessment: conducting technical, environmental and socio-economic assessment of sites options.
  • Selection: choosing the site
  • Pre-development: carrying deeper technology evaluation, technical design as well as financial evaluation.

Output: Feasibility Study Document.

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Cecoss UK, Project Developer feedback:

“RiA has provided us invaluable support, well beyond our initial expectation. As a young developer, getting experienced assistance on wide-ranging issues in early-development development stages is essential”.

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