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Empowering Tomorrow: TECS24 Day 2 Unleashes Dynamic Dialogues and Expert Insights, Paving the Way for a Transformed Energy Landscape in Tanzania and Beyond


  • Sustainable Mining Energy
  • Gas to Power Viability
  • Clean Cooking Initiatives
  • National Transmission Roadmap


Day 2 at the 5th Tanzania Energy Cooperation Summit (TECS24) unfolded with a dynamic agenda, featuring insightful discussions and expert insights that are shaping the energy landscape in the region. The Utilities Roundtable marked the beginning, addressing vital questions on the common needs of regional utilities to enhance power trade in East Africa. Esteemed speakers such as Aleem Tharani from Bowmans, John Mageni, Director of Planning at TANESCO, Olga Utchavo Madeira from ELECTRICIDADE DE MOÇAMBIQUE (EDM), Mizinga Chipuwa Moonga from Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO), and Cletus Nyachowe from ZESA Holdings, Zimbabwe, shared their perspectives.

The interactive boardroom session, “Sustainable Energy Projects for Mining,” provided a platform to explore strategies attracting mining investors to sustainable energy projects, with a focus on Tanzania’s Julius Nyerere project. Visionary leaders including John de Vries (Black Rock Mining), Kwame Parker (Frontier Energy), Jason Brewer (Marula Mining), Eyob Easwaran (TDB), Festo Bartholome (Deloitte & Touche), and Humphrey Simba (ASNL Advisory Limited) contributed valuable insights.

Oluoch Were, Renewables in Africa COO in a high profile consultative consultative meeting

Discussions on Tanzania’s Gas-to-Power Projects addressed crucial questions about the viability roadmap, the role of industrialization, opportunities from Tanzania-Mombasa & Tanzania-Zambia gas pipelines, and plans for CNG amid rising fuel prices. Experts such as Catherine (Power Africa Empowering East & Central Africa), Derick Moshi (TPDC), Adly Kafafy (TAQA Arabia), Gilman Kasiga (GE Vernova), and Bizimana Ntuyabaliwe (PanAfrican Energy Tanzania) shared their perspectives on the abundant gas discoveries.

The Interactive Boardroom on “Fulfilling Tanzania’s Renewable Energy Potential” explored strategies for bringing abundant wind and solar projects in Tanzania to a financial close. The success story of Meridiam’s acquisition of Rift Valley Energy was highlighted, with insights from Rogness Swai, Jérémy Minel, Marvin Bell, Geoffrey Ronoh, Maxime Savinelli, Antje Steiner, and Edouard Wenseleers.

A discussion on building a regional interconnection covered the regional energy trade map, progress on Tanzania-Zambia-Kenya, Tanzania-Mozambique, and Tanzania-Uganda interconnectors. Panelists, including Farid Mohamed, Alison Chikova, James Wahogo, Geoffrey M., and Mizinga Chipuwa Moonga, shared thoughts on financing models and regulatory frameworks.

The event also delved into Tanzania’s Clean Cooking Revolution & the Power of Innovation, discussing initiatives and ideas for improving technologies. The day wrapped up with a discussion on “Concessional Blended Finance for Sustainable Project Development,” featuring Jonathan Berman, Blen Abebe, Tusekile Kibonde, Leo Schiefermueller, Michael Gratwicke, Dennis Keya, and Exuperius Tax. The final panel, “Interactive Boardroom: National Transmission: The Road Map,” featured Aboubakar Massinda, Nyanda Busumabu, Dorian Mead, NGANIKIYE Balthazar, Hamid ALZAYANI, and Nikhil Sharma. As TECS24 comes to a close, the energy community eagerly anticipates more insights and strategies that will shape the future of energy in Tanzania and East Africa.

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