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We need your support in investment from renewables in africa.

Renewables in Africa can provide information and support regarding renewable energy in Africa.


Why support Renewables in Africa?

It is becoming widely recognised that Renewable Energy Sources, especially solar power have a huge potential in Africa. Although saying this, the market is struggling to pick up steam.


The reason for this include; expensive prices, low quality and not deemed fit for purpose. This is exactly why support in investment from renewables in africa is needed!


There is such a large potential for renewables in Africa and it is time to do something about it! This is why our founder Tony Tiyou has started Renewables in Africa.


Our Platform has been designed to encourage users to raise their technical awareness of renewables in Africa. Allowing people to fully understand the potential and support in investment from renewables in africa. The team here at Renewables in Africa make it easy to understand all there is to know about renewable energy in Africa.


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Renewable Energy

Before you can confidently support in investment from renewables in africa you’ll need to have a full understanding of the different kinds of renewable energy. There is a focus on the 4 main forms, these include; solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy and hydro energy.


Most commonly known is solar energy, which is created from the radiant light and heat from the sun which is transformed into useful energy.


Wind energy uses the flow of air through wind turbines to provide mechanical power to turn the electric generators.


Biomass energy, an organic material produced from plants and animals and is also a renewable energy source.

Hydro energy is another renewable energy source which is derived from water. This doesn’t pollute and it is a domestic source which is extremely cost-effective


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