Solar Energy Renewables in Africa

Solar Energy Renewables in Africa


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Solar Energy

How much do you know about solar energy?


Africa is often considered to be the ‘sun continent’. The sun’s influence on this part of the world is extremely great and therefore there is a big potential for solar energy. However, the penetration of solar power in Africa’s energy sector is still extremely low. Simply put, solar energy is energy provided by the sun.


How does solar energy work?

Large panels capture the sun’s rays and transforms it into energy which can be used to power homes. Solar energy produces electricity as soon as it is in demand. Therefore, when in use, solar energy does not produce any emissions and the growing demand for this form of energy is increasing.


Today, it is becoming increasingly popular in cities as well as remote areas.


Solar Energy in Africa

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Are you aware that all 48 of the countries in Sub-Saharan Africa generate the same amount of power as the whole country of Spain?


Therefore, the African continent has arguably the worst electric power supply in the entire world. This leads the majority of the population to live without reliable electricity or electricity in general. Therefore, in order to fight the darkness, almost 80% of Africans depend on things such as:


  • Personal generators
  • Candles
  • Kerosene lamps


Therefore, this makes there electricity supply extremely unreliable.


There is such a large potential for solar energy in Africa, however, the issue is that the continent is missing the number of investors that is needed in order for the industry to flourish. Therefore, with Renewables in Africa we can help educate you in order for you to fully understand how an investment in solar energy in Africa, will greatly aid not only the continent, but the rest of the world.


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