Solar Energy in Africa

Solar Energy in Africa

– considered to be the next big thing.

There are many reasons for this, and Renewables in Africa can explain these in a thorough, uncomplicated manner.

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One of the topics we often discuss is solar energy in Africa.

Solar energy is when solar power is generated from the sun and converted into power you can use in your home. The great thing about this form of renewable energy, is that it does not deplete the Earth’s supply of fossil fuels. Furthermore, no toxic fuels are released! This makes solar energy in Africa a great benefit to the continent.

There are many benefits to solar energy. Some of these include how solar power can be connected to your home or business regardless of its location, no matter how remote they are! Furthermore, solar energy is extremely reliable, there will be no more power cuts! You will have 24 hour access to power with no interruptions.

Even though the initial costs of solar panels can be very high, it becomes a free source of electricity with no monthly bills.

All of these are huge benefits for solar energy in Africa. And there is even more! There is a great potential for solar energy in Africa as less than 20% of the population have access to electricity. In rural areas this is even worse with less than 5% of the population have electricity access.

In Africa there is an average of  325 days of sunlight.

This makes it an ideal continent for solar energy!

Solar energy in Africa will become a successful, large business. Solar energy is the fastest and also the cheapest way to light up Africa. Furthermore, the demand for greener and cleaner alternatives of power is growing immensely. Also, the cost of buying and installing the equipment for solar power is decreasing.

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