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Who are we?

Renewables in Africa is an online platform that teaches you about the importance of renewable energy. The team are here to educate you about the many benefits of going green. We aim to empower all our customers by raising their technical knowledge and awareness of renewable solutions. Our team want to help you understand what you need, what you buy and how to better use this energy.


One such energy is solar power. Many are not aware of the extent of this renewable energy. That is where the team at Renewables in Africa come in, we are here to educate you on why you should join the solar developers for Africa.


Solar Developers for Africa

Africa needs energy. The abundance of sunshine in the continent provides a strong justification for adopting this green energy. There are many opportunities for this sort of renewable energy, and it is becoming more and more apparent.


African countries are blessed with sunlight all year long. They are attempting to tap this free and clean energy source to light up remote and isolated homes that have no other hope of immediate link to their national electricity grid.


When you decide to join the solar developers for Africa, it is time to think outside the box. The sun is free and inexhaustible. Solar technology converts the sun’s radiation directly into electricity, with no pollution or damage to the environment! Panels are used to generate enough power to run stoves, pump water, light clinic and power televisions.


Through Renewables in Africa we are here to give you support and guidance to any project you would like to work on. There is so much solar energy available in Africa, let us invest!


When you join the solar developers for Africa, you are benefiting in many ways. You are helping the environment, giving the people of Africa reliable energy, massively boosting the local economy and making an investment with a great return! So the question is, why would you not want to join the solar developers for Africa?


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