Route to Markets

Brokerage and routes to markets for clean energy companies

New market - Route to Markets

  • Activate local partners network to initiate and develop opportunities.
  • Design stakeholders engagement plans in the desired market and facilitate implementation.
  • Provide support in capacity building to boost local presence.


Case Study

Project: Market Entry strategy for an Asian company.

RiA was approached by an Asian company who was looking to commercialise their solar products into the African continent.

The strategy RiA designed for the company was centered around the following aspects.

  • Overall off-grid and on-grid market study in Africa, looking amongst others adressable market, market trends, customer segmentation.
  • Regulatory and business environments for designated countries.
  • Identification of suitable local partners.

Output: Market Entry Approach and connection to local partners.


main - Route to Markets
Photo by Arihant Daga on Unsplash

Solar Supplier Feedback:

“Thorough and accurate market research is a pre-requisite for a successful market entry into Africa Clean Industry. We were very fortunate to work with RiA and to benefit from their knowledge and connection”.