RiA Team

Management Team members

Aurelien Lele – Chief Marketing Officer

AurelienAurelien Lele is the Chief Marketing Officer of Renewables in Africa a Clean Energy engineering consultancy and media platform which vision is to transform Africa and Africans lives by leveraging the Power of Renewable Energy.

Aurelien has previously worked in Cameroon for half a decade as a sales representative for one of the biggest technology company in Africa and also as a key account executive for a prominent marketing consultancy firm. He also worked for various companies within the facility management industry in the UK as an operations supervisor.

Aurelien Holds a double master degree respectively in “Sales and distribution” from the university of Montpellier1 (France) and in “Marketing management” from Heriot-Watt university (UK). He also holds an advanced diploma in Renewable Energy and Environmental Management Systems.

Email: aurelien@renewablesinafrica.com

Twitter: @Renewablesafri

Facebook: RenewablesinAfrica

LinkedIn:  https://uk.linkedin.com/in/aurelien-lele-050407b4


Jason Iyeke – Technical Advisor and Editor

Jason IyekeJason Iyeke is a Technical Consultant of Renewables in Africa a Clean Energy engineering consultancy and media platform which vision is to transform Africa and Africans lives by leveraging the Power of Renewable Energy.

Jason has a solid experience in the energy industry, having previously worked at Statoil, Chevron and Endeavour Energy.  Jason worked in a variety of roles, which included petroleum engineering, production analysis, operations excellence and innovation.  Jason project-managed the first well to be drilled on Statoil͛s Mariner͛ field, worth over $30M USD CAPEX. Prior to working in the oil and gas industry, Jason served as the team leader of 12 business development executives (BDEs) at Target250.  He was often the highest performing BDE globally during his time there.  His education includes an undergraduate degree in mathematics and computing at Queen Mary University.  He also has two masters degrees in Oil and Gas Engineering (2013) and Innovation (2018).  Jason recently completed an online course in Disruptive Strategy from Harvard Business School.  Jason is of Nigerian origin and has a love for travelling, African history, 90͛s Hip Hop music and kung fu movies.

Jason Iyeke is the co-founder of Comparisol, a mobile app solar awareness platform and a marketplace connecting solar shoppers with verified solar suppliers throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Email: jason@renewablesinafrica.com

Twitter: @Renewablesafri

Facebook: RenewablesinAfrica

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/jason-iyeke/


Vanessa Awong Tiyou – Chief Financial Officer

VanessaVanessa Awong Tiyou is the Chief Financial Officer of Renewables in Africa a Clean Energy engineering consultancy and media platform which vision is to transform Africa and Africans lives by leveraging the Power of Renewable Energy.

As a financial professional she has previously worked as a credit and financial analyst for reputable financial institutions like BNPP or UBS in three of the biggest cities in the industry Paris, London and New York.

Besides her financial background, Vanessa has developed an extensive knowledge of the technology industry gathered throughout previous entrepreneurial ventures she has been involved with since the last decade. Fintech specialist is probably best suited to describe her.

Vanessa has a Masters in Finance from EDHEC business school in France.

Email: vanessa@renewablesinafrica.com

Twitter: @Renewablesafri

Facebook: RenewablesinAfrica

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vanessa-awong-eya-a-6b6bb96/


Strategic Africa Team members

Sarah Mulwa – RiA Representative Southern Africa

Seeng MulwaSarah is an independent Energy and Environment Development Consultant.  She provides expertise in environmental management, climate change adaptation and mitigation, conservation, water resources management, energy management and development consulting services.

She has over 8 years in the energy and environment sector. She is currently serving as the Green Growth and Mitigation specialist for the Development of the Botswana National Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan for the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources, Wildlife and Tourism, facilitated by UNDP Botswana.

Sarah has served as a researcher for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Botswana: Pre-feasibility Study for a Bio-Gas Plant in South East Botswana. In addition she served as a social and environment expert in a team which undertook the Study for the Implementation of an Improved Metropolitan Public Transport System for Greater Gaborone.

She is the President and Founder of Now for Them, a Community Trust with objectives to; improve quality of education in rural Botswana, promote renewable energy for rural households, promote sustainable, efficient and effective resource development and use in rural communities.

She holds a Master of Science Degree in Sustainable Energy Development from the University of Calgary and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Environmental Science from the University of Botswana. She was a member of the Mandela Washington Fellowship Botswana 2016 Cohort.

Igwe Onuma – RiA Representative West Africa

IgweIgwe is the Founder and the Managing Director of GreyWorks Ltd, a project management and clean energy consulting firm operating in Ghana and Nigeria. Igwe is a trusted partner of Renewables in Africa and will be regularly contributing to the RiA platform.

Joab Wako – RiA Representative East Africa

Joab WakoJoab industrial engineer who enjoys improving processes and making them as efficient as possible. Although he worked for two years only in the automotive industry, he is incredibly comfortable in the manufacturing environment and has developed skills he will ready to use in the clean energy space. Joab had a kidney transplant in 2016, receiving a second gift of life from a sibling, his heroic sister: Selina Wako, ! You can read more about his amazing journey on blog, 1000 Miles.