RiA Services

Renewables in Africa is a unique company set up both as a Clean Energy Engineering Consultancy and a Media Platform.

Renewables in Africa: Clean Energy Engineering Consultancy

Through our consultancy, we provide the services below:

Technical advice for project developers & power consumers

Technical design - RiA Services

  • Assist the Client in early stages of development, from conceptual design and site identification to pre-feasibility and feasibility studies.
  • Carry out business and financial simulations of different options.
  • Provide local content knowledge in assessments of various solutions.

Market research and business intelligence for investors

Market Research - RiA Services

  • Provide general understanding of the market dynamics in Africa and specific locations.
  • Assist in evaluating risks and opportunities in expanding in a particular region.
  • Formulate strategic advice for market entry approaches.

Brokerage and routes to markets for clean energy companies

New market 1024x683 - RiA Services

  • Activate local partners network to initiate and develop opportunities.
  • Design stakeholders engagement plans in the desired market and facilitate implementation.
  • Provide support in capacity building to boost local presence.


Renewables in Africa: Media Platform

As a media platform, RiA could offer the service below to clients

Media in Africa - RiA Services

  • Promote and raise awareness about services and products
  • Share information about the sector in Africa.
  • Provide a platform to key stakeholders of the industry to reach the African audience.