RiA joins ARE and RiA’s Makeover

RiA Joins ARE

Renewables in Africa

* I ni ce  my dear RiA Friend,

How are you keeping?  Still Holidaying? I know it has a little while and RiA has been silent over the past few weeks but don’t panic, TWO excellent reasons!

Renewables in Africa  joins Alliance for Rural Electrification

Oh YES!  We could officially announce that RiA has formally become a member of the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE). We are strongly advocating for the implementation of the SDG7 – Ensure access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable and modern energy for all.

Through our membership to ARE, we are looking forward to engage with other members and non-members and are confident to make progress though our collaboration. Joining forces is certainly the way to go to tackle the SEforALL challenge and we are hoping many other partners will join. So don’t  be shy and get involved! A good friend of mine ,Mr Rob Neil,  a champion for equality usually says: “Involve to evolve”. As usual, he is on point!


  • What is ARE?

ARE is the global business association that represents the whole decentralised renewable energy sector for rural electrification in developing and emerging countries.

With more than 100 Members, ARE vision that to work towards universal energy access by 2030 for everyone, in particular all rural people in low-and medium income countries. ARE works with numerous partners to improve macro level market conditions for off-grid renewables, and enables business for ARE members on the micro level.

Renewables in Africa is proud to join ARE in its mission.

ARE Team - RiA joins ARE and RiA's Makeover
Figure 1 – ARE Management Team
  • RiA Design Facelift

Oh YES!! There is a second reason we have been quiet! We are fast approaching our first Anniversary and to celebrate, we have decided to change and improve our Design and stay beautiful for you, RiA-ders!

Our in-house IT team has worked tirelessly to introduce the new design that you could seeJ.  Well, we hope you’ll like it! What happens  if you don’t? Well you… can still enjoy the informationJ.  Just joking, send us your feedback. We always value it.

  • What’s in it in the new Design?

You’ll still access your articles, providing with technical insight and raising your awareness about renewable energy in Africa.

Exciting Clean Energy Conferences are still promoted and your sweet and green RiA discounts still available to you! Grab them Fast!!

Our services! RiA is an initiative launched the O&TT a clean energy consultancy providing solutions in Renewable energy and Energy Management.  Just tell us how we could help! The first consultation hour is FREE!!

Last but not the least, you could see our featured articles, published in other platforms and also wait for it…our New Gallery with pictures from past conferences!!

It is good to be a RiA-der!

**N taara



*i ni ce: “Hello” in Bambara

**N taara: “Goodbye” in Bambara

Bambara (Bamanankan) Bambara is a Mande language with about 3 million speakers in Mali, Burkina Faso and Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Ghana. It is spoken principally among the Bambara ethnic group in Mali, where it is the national language and the most widely understood one (Source: Omniglot).


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