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We are an online platform where you can learn more about the many benefits of renewable energy.


About Us

The company was set up to boost your technical awareness of renewable energy. It is widely recognised that renewable energy sources have a great potential in Africa. However, the market is struggling to pick up steam.


This mainly comes down to:

  • High Prices
  • Low Quality
  • Not fit for purpose


What do we mean by this? Generally, most people do not have enough knowledge of the industry and what their investment means. Therefore it can seem like an extremely expensive investment, with a slow response.


At RiA we want to empower our customers by raising their technical knowledge and awareness of renewable solutions. Therefore we want to support you, advice you and help you invest in renewable energy.


Solar Energy

The renewable energy sector is seeing rapid growth, drive by falling costs and global energy demands. Therefore renewable energy is predicted to the fastest-growing energy source over the next 20 years.


The renewable energy with possibly the most potential in Africa, is solar power. Solar power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity. Therefore usually, solar panels are used for this conversion, placed either on rooftops or on fields.


A solar panel works by allowing particles of light to knock electrons free from atoms. This generates a flow of electricity. What often scares citizens, is the high cost of the initial investment in solar panels.


Investors wanting to take advantage of opportunities from the predicted growth of renewable energy sources, may be stopped by the risk factors involved. It is an emerging sector with some technologies relatively untested. This is an area that Renewables in Africa can help you investigate further.


Other Forms of Energy

Besides solar energy, Renewables in Africa can also educate you on wind, biomass and hydro energy in Africa. All of these forms of renewable energy are excellent investments in Africa. The potential for successful renewable energy in Africa is very large, therefore all it is missing is the right people to invest in the market.



If you are interested in learning more about renewable energy, visit Renewables in Africa today! We can advice and support you through the process as well as educate you on what renewable energy to invest in for your wants and needs.


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