Renewables in Africa (RiA) announces a collaboration partnership with Deepbloo



Accessing the right deals, the right partners and the right information are three keys demands the market is desperately looking for.  A very daunting task unless one knows where to go to look for the right answers. Especially for the Beautiful mother continent: AFRICA. Renewables in Africa is paving the way to make it easy for the industry to navigate rounds the challenges and in doing so, we are partnering clever and smarter companies to achieve this objective. This is again the case with this new partnership.

Renewables in Africa is excited to officially announce our collaboration with deepbloo, the energy business platform for professionals.

RiA’s Chief Executive Officer, Tony Tiyou has declared: “Establishing the right connections and bridging the gap between exciting opportunities and businesses is fundamental to grow the clean energy African market. Although RiA is proudly spearheading this effort, we are equally proud to partner with innovative companies that allow us to fast track this process. This is what this partnership significantly does”.

deepbloo is the dedicated energy business platform for professionals. Deepbloo enables your organization to find business partners, access to opportunities, energy tenders, find projects funders, manage your energy events & communication and engage your community within a vast energy network.


Deepbloo has a network of more than 3,000 companies and 2,500 professionals and do provide access to more than 10,000 tenders and 350 energy events worldwide. Serving the African market is critical for the company as echoed by his President, Alexandre Guillemot: “ On one hand, a large part of our community is based or work in energy in Africa and on the other hand, the demand for Renewable projects to provide access to a clean and affordable energy is drastically increasing on this continent. Therefore, proposing to our community to be part of this is definitively our priority!


Renewables in Africa and deepbloo are together working on few initiatives to accelerate the take-up of Clean Energy in Africa. YES, the Future of Africa is bright and it’s an honour for both companies to make a contribution.

For further information, please do contact:

Tony Tiyou

CEO of Renewables in Africa


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