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Renewables in Africa can help you understand why you should join project developers for Africa.


If you are interested in renewable energy in Africa, then we are here to help!


“Empower Customers by raising their Technical Knowledge and Awareness of Renewables Solutions”


Renewables in Africa

Renewables in Africa has been set up to help people gain an understanding of the potential renewable energy in Africa has! Which somehow the market is struggling to pick up steam and there is a lack of project developers for Africa.


Our aspirations are to help you the customer to better understand what you need? What you buy? And at a much later stage how to better use this Energy? Part of being  project developers for Africa is to fully understand the potential available. Renewables in Africa is here to help with your understanding and to show you just how beneficial it could be to become a project developers for Africa.


Did you know that our CEO, Tony Tiyou, has been nominated in the ‘top 50 Influential African & Afro-Caribbean Leaders in the UK 2018”. Toby has a wealth of knowledge and is on hand to help you become part of the project developers for Africa.


Types of Renewable Energy

The most common know renewable energy source is solar energy, as well as this there is also a lot of potential in other renewables energy sources.

  • Biomass energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Hydro energy
  • Solar energy


Together with the founder, Tony Tiyou you will be able to learn why joining the project developers for Africa is a beneficial move not only for you, but also for the future of the globe.


Project developers for Africa will see many benefits from their services. There are many opportunities for you when it comes to project developers for Africa. This is due to the fact that the continent is going through a huge developmental shift that is very open ended. It can therefore be utilised to be a large part of the renewable energy scene.


When you decide to help the project developers for Africa you are helping the environment. You are also helping the people of Africa gain reliable energy. Furthermore it will be massively boosting the local economy. Also, you will be making an investment with a great return!


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When you visit our website you can also read more about the investment in different renewable energy sources. These include: biomass, hydro, solar and wind.