Power of Renewable Energy

Power Of Renewable Energy

Renewables in Africa is a platform that has been designed to help people gain a better understanding of the power of renewable energy. We have alarage focus on the potential of it in Africa, find out more by calling 01277 725 199.


About Us

Our online platform was set up by founder Tony Tiyou, his focus is to empower customers by raising their technical knowledge and awareness of renewable solutions.


The power of renewable energy is very underestimated and we want to change that, especially in Africa.


The approach Tony takes is more focused on business applications; although I suspect retail customers would find a great deal of valuable information.


Join us in understanding the power of renewable energy in Africa.


Renewable Energy

How much do you know about renewable energy? Today’s population are less aware of the many benefits of this sustainable energy form. At Renewables in Africa, we aim to educate the population on the many benefits. To raise the technical awareness of investing in power of renewable energy will ensure that more people are seeking this sort of solution.


There are many different types of renewable energy. And the power of renewable energy will be able to help many different populations, such as the African continent.

The main forms of renewable energy include:

Solar energy
Biomass energy
Hydro energy
Wind energy

In a continent like Africa, there are many opportunities for all of these sorts of renewable energy. That is why the power of renewable energy in Africa is so large.


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You can give us a call on 01277 725 199 or send an email to tony@renewablesinafrica.com or aurelien@renewablesinafrica.com


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Let’s better understand the power of renewable energy together!