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ABiQ is the only business intelligence service that is currently covering the whole of the African Market and 2 countries in Middle East. At ABiQ, we provide validated and verified data for Companies, People and Projects for over 20 sectors including Government, Energy, Construction, Real Estate, Finance, Manufacturing etc.


Beckaphyll, founded by Mr Chibuikem Agbaegbu, is an innovation driven renewable energy company providing bespoke clean electricity solutions for commercial, industrial, residential and business clients; and fully incorporated in Nigeria. Our experience spans primarily in the Nigerian decentralized renewable energy market - with considerable experience in the United Kingdom - and planned expansion into emerging markets in Sub-Saharan Africa. Beckaphyll range of services primarily focuses on off-grid and hybrid solar solutions for commercial and industrial purposes; large, medium and small scale businesses; and residential buildings. Beckaphyll goal  is to provide at least 20,000 households, businesses and commercial/industrial clients with clean, affordable and smart electricity solutions by 2025.

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Deepbloo is the energy business platform for professionals. Deepbloo enables organizations to find business partners, access to business opportunities through tenders and RFQ’s, find projects funders, and to manage events & communication. Deepbloo not only enables energy professionals to access to energy tenders from state agencies and utilities or business opportunities from private companies but as well give access to job opportunities, energy events and to an extensive network of professionals and companies. The platform is now gathering more than 1500 decision-makers in companies of the energy sectors and is proposing thousands of qualified tenders as well as hundreds of events, publications, and more.

ESU Consulting

Gareth Dauley founded ESU Consulting in 2016 to deliver comprehensive energy solutions to the market. Having worked in the energy sector since 2007 specialising in Energy Trading, Smart Grids and Demand Response, I am able, through ESU to deliver dynamic, entrepreneurial strategies with International Smart Grid, Demand Response, MDM (Meter Data Management), (VPP) Virtual Power Plants, IOT (Internet of Things), M2M (Machine to Machine) and Smart Cities experience. ESU is passionate about energy and utilising the Energy IOT to identify and align client emerging technology needs with products and services as well as excelling in driving growth of company revenues and improving performance.

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International Society for Energy and Sustainability Research (ISESR)

ISESR is an enriched knowledge platform developed through the synergy of expertise, and experience of highly aspiring and achieving minds to enable the Professionals, Industries, and Organizations in the path of Energy and Sustainability.

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MN Capital Africa Advisors

MNCapital Africa Advisors (“MNCAA”) is an African focused financial advisory firm offering corporate advisory, capital raising and market entry services. MNCAA footprint expands throughout Africa, including Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe and also in key financial centres globally: Dubai, London, Paris, New York and Singapore. MNCAA has an array of world-class interdisciplinary team of lawyers, bankers, business analysts, certified accountants and marketing professionals, covering a range of industries, from Renewable energy, infrastructure, telecoms & media, mining and oil & gas, retail & consumer, agriculture, manufacturing and financial services.

Open Energy Labs

Open Energy Labs is developing an educational app and connected hardware kit which takes a “learn by making” approach to teaching students electronics, by building a renewable electricity supply, able to provide reliable power for lighting and mobile-phone charging.

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Tradom Global Consulting

Desert Greening Experts, dedicated to achieving Sustainable Development Goals Connecting Private Sector Ecopreneurs with NGOs, Governmental Agencies, Climate Change groups and Green Funds.

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