ESU Consulting

ESU Logo ColourGD 590x1024 - PartnershipsGareth Dauley founded ESU Consulting in 2016 to deliver comprehensive energy solutions to the market.

Having worked in the energy sector since 2007 specialising in Energy Trading, Smart Grids and Demand Response, I am able, through ESU to deliver dynamic, entrepreneurial strategies with International Smart Grid, Demand Response, MDM (Meter Data Management), (VPP) Virtual Power Plants, IOT (Internet of Things), M2M (Machine to Machine) and Smart Cities experience.

ESU is passionate about energy and utilising the Energy IOT to identify and align client emerging technology needs with products and services as well as excelling in driving growth of company revenues and improving performance.

Psiclone Technologies

psiclone - PartnershipsPsiclone Hybrid Technologies is a world leader in the generation of clean energy from renewable sources. We’re first and foremost a science and technology enterprise with a special interest in developing renewable energy solutions to meet the world’s growing demand for clean , sustainable and affordable energy. We share the view of the world’s scientific community that no single solution can meet our society’s future energy needs and that the solution instead will come from a family of diverse energy technologies.

Tradom Global Consulting

Tradom Logo2 - PartnershipsDesert Greening Experts, dedicated to achieving Sustainable Development Goals
Connecting Private Sector Ecopreneurs with NGOs, Governmental Agencies, Climate Change groups and Green Funds.


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