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The Renewables in Africa Team is a dedicated group of professionals working towards a sustainable future on the African continent. Our mission is to accelerate the adoption and integration of renewable energy sources throughout Africa, promoting a cleaner and more environmentally-friendly energy landscape.

We firmly believe that renewable energy solutions hold the key to addressing Africa’s energy challenges while minimizing the impact on the environment and fostering economic development.

Our team operates with a clear vision and a set of guiding principles. We prioritize integrity and accountability in all our endeavors, ensuring that we honor our commitments and consistently deliver on our promises. We value effective communication, regularly updating our stakeholders and partners about project progress and any potential challenges that may arise.

Innovation is at the heart of our approach. We constantly strive to think outside the box, seeking novel solutions to overcome obstacles and maximize the potential of renewable energy technologies. Drawing on our diverse backgrounds and expertise, we approach problems with a spirit of creativity and collaboration, fostering an environment that encourages the sharing of ideas and continuous learning.

Honoring Commitments

We match one's actions with their words and follow through on promises and commitments. This encourages individuals to be accountable and dependable in fulfilling their responsibilities.

Effective Communication and Accountability

We ensure effective communication and accountability in meeting deadlines. Keeping the team informed when it's not possible to meet a deadline and providing valid justifications for any delays. This fosters transparency and trust within the team.

Innovative Problem Solving

We encourage individuals to think creatively and outside the box when faced with challenges or problems. We approach issues from different perspectives and find innovative solutions. This promotes a proactive and solution-oriented mindset that contributes to continuous improvement and growth.

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Our Expert Team of Renewable Energy Innovators and Catalysts for Change

Tony Tiyou

Founder & C.E.O

Brian Kolek

Sales Manager

Owusu Akoto

R.I.A Advisor

Nzube Ufodike

R.I.A Advisor

Vanessa Awong

CO-Founder & Investor

Kemunto Maturwe

Marketing Manager
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