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We support businesses by providing them with a fully comprehensive and data-driven approach to attract more visibility on their products and services and get more sales. Through our multi-media Awareness Packages, we are allowing them to engage with their targeted audience.

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How We Started R.I.A


Renewables In Africa (RiA) is a clean energy company, that provides project origination and project development services, as well as market insights. RiA is also a media platform about renewable energy in Africa. We publish the latest articles about the industry and easy-to-understand technical posts.


R.I.A Is Created

R.I.A RiA started as a consultancy with a focus on exploring renewable energy projects in Botswana. During this time, our website functioned as a simple blog, providing information on renewable energy.


R.I.A Expands

In April 2017, RiA expanded its scope to cover the entire African continent, acting as an energy consultant and project broker. This expansion allowed them to offer their services across various countries in Africa.

In September 2017, Tony, a representative of RiA, released the Wind Energy Outlook in Africa report. This publication likely aimed to provide insights and predictions on the development of wind energy projects across the continent.


R.IA Expansion of Services

RiA decided to broaden its activities by adding commercial and industrial (C&I) project development to its portfolio. This expansion allowed them to engage in projects related to commercial and industrial renewable energy installations. Additionally, RiA expanded its presence by establishing team members in Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana, indicating their growing influence in the region.


R.I.A Becomes a virtual media platform

RiA made a strategic decision to shift its focus to a virtual media platform, making it their primary mandate. This shift implies that RiA aimed to become a prominent source of information and media coverage in the renewable energy sector, particularly within Africa. To strengthen their network and reach, RiA established formal partnerships in Benin and Mozambique.


R.I.A Continued Growth

RiA continues to grow its media platform and expand its network both within Africa and globally. This suggests that RiA is actively pursuing its goals of becoming a significant player in the renewable energy industry by providing valuable media content and expanding its reach and influence across different regions.

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Renewables in Africa (RiA) is a Virtual Media platform with the ambition to Raise Awareness about Renewable Energy in the African Continent and the World

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