Market Insights

Market research and business intelligence for investors

Market Research - Market Insights

  • Provide general understanding of the market dynamics in Africa and specific locations.
  • Assist in evaluating risks and opportunities in expanding in a particular region.
  • Formulate strategic advice for market entry approaches.


Case Study

Project: Survey of discount rate for Renewable Energy project in Africa

RiA has collaborated with Grant Thornton to conduct this survey.

  • The survey was run across the industry for a period of two month, being promoted by RiA on various clean energy platforms to reach out the right individual.
  • RiA has worked with GT to analyse Findings of the survey compiled them in a report.
  • Lessons learned and recommendations have been formulated to improve scarcity of data.

Output: Bespoke Report produced for client.

RiA GT Discount Rate Survey 2 1 - Market Insights

Flyer used for the Survey Campaign

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