Investors for Renewables in Africa

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Renewables in Africa is an organisation set up to help customers better understand energy in Africa. What they need, what to buy and how to better use energy in Africa.

Renewable Energy

Are you planning on becoming one of our investors for renewables in Africa? Then here’s some of the renewable energy we focus on:

  • Biomass energy
  • Solar energy
  • Wind energy
  • Hydro energy

Our team have explored all the different types of energy, looking into different projects and also the potential for new investors.

Therefore, we have concluded that most clients focus on solar energy – this is due to solar being the most common renewable energy.

However, it is worth noting that the other 3 sources are just as beneficial in the African continent.

Want to become one of our investors in renewables in Africa? Contact the team on 01277 725 199.

Our Services

Renewables in Africa was set up to teach citizens about the many benefits of investing in renewable energy. Our founder, Tony Tiyou, found that most people were not familiar enough with it and what it has to offer.

Therefore, a site has been created where you can raise your technical awareness of renewable energy. This can be done in an easy and stress free manner. Through conferences, features, face-to-face and articles found on the website.

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Our Partners

Becoming one of our investors in renewables in Africa, will give you the opportunity to be involved with our partners. These include:

  • Beckaphyll
  • ESU Consulting
  • MN Capital Africa Advisors
  • Tradom Global Consulting

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Contact Us

Our team of experts are always ready to speak with you. On hand to give you advice on your next step. If you think becoming an investors in renewables in Africa is for you, then contact us today!

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