Investing in Solar Energy

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about investing in solar energy?

By visiting Renewables in Africa you can find out more about the history and future of this ever growing form of energy. RiA’s creator Tony Tiyou has been able to create a space where others can learn and support each other in things such as investing in solar energy.

Tiyou’s approach is more focused on business applications which he thinks is really beneficial.

Investing in solar energy is an extremely important aspect of the future. The renewable energy sector is seeing a rapid growth, driven by falling costs and global energy demands. In 2016 solar power was the fastest growing source of new energy worldwide. Investing in solar energy is definitely a positive act for the future!

Solar Power has been recognised as having great potential in Africa. Somehow the market is struggling to pick up steam. This is something Tony greatly wonders about. The most common reasons are:

  1. Expensive price
  2. Low quality
  3. Not fit for purpose

This leaves potential buyers less likely to invest in solar energy. It is to this regard that Tony has created Renewables in Africa. It was created to “empower customers by raising their technical awareness of renewable solutions.”

Do you feel like you require further assistance and support? Tony’s ‘Renewables in Africa Consultancy’ provides further services. Customer’s can go here to receive advice on projects. This will provide you with more detailed information about things like investing in solar energy. RiA Consultancy also offers project development and project management services. These include engaging with partners to develop and manage renewables projects on your behalf. Lastly, they also offer project financial analysis and evaluation with RiA’s financial partners.

These services are offered as a free initial consultation!

Renewables in Africa is a website dedicated to the renewable energy industry in Africa. Tony and his colleagues provide you with the latest articles about the industry and easy-to-understand technical posts. The site will also cover all you need to know about investing in solar energy.

Visit Renewables in Africa’s homepage today to learn more or contact Tony on You can even sign up to receive a free report on bioenergy in Africa through the website!