Invest in Wind Energy

Renewable energy is booming in Africa.

The growth is drive by larger on and offshore turbines. The growth is also driven by the improvement in efficiency in the turbines which have already been installed.

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There are vast renewable energy resources available in Africa, but they are still unused. Unlock affordable and clean energy across the African continent today by investing in wind energy!

In order to invest in wind energy one needs to be aware of the situation in Africa.

Africa’s growing population is resulting in a greater demand for reliable access to electricity. As Liz Hart, Managing Director at Africa Energy Indaba, has said “The African continent has the necessary mineral resources, climate and geology to meet its energy requirements.” However, it is very clear that there is a lack of funding, institutional will and technical skill to be able to assist in being able to invest in wind energy.

Investing in renewable energy in Africa is vital in unlocking Africa’s untapped renewable energy potential.There are several larger companies whose aim is to support and generate renewable energy in Africa.

One of the way they do this is by aiming to invest in wind energy.

The Energy Holding is an example of these companies. They aim to increase the renewable energy supply in Africa and they aim to do this in a responsible way. The Energy Holding generate attractive, long-term and stable cash flow for the renewable energy industry in Africa. Their goal is to invest in and co-develop small and medium sized renewable energy projects. One of their particular focus is on the development stage as they understand how important this is for the business.

When investing in wind energy and other renewable energy sources in Africa, is beneficial for many reasons. There has been an international promise made to help control global warming, this is one benefit. Also, by investing in renewable energy in Africa it would have many benefits for the African population. Millions do not have access to electricity, and renewable energy  would not only give them this, but it would supply reliable access.

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