Invest in Wind Energy Renewables in Africa

Invest in Wind Energy Renewables in Africa


If you are looking to invest in wind energy Renewables in Africa can help you.

About Our Company

Renewables in Africa was founded by Tony Tiyou. He realized that even though many people are looking to invest in renewable energy, they are finding it difficult to understand the concept behind it. Therefore, they are not investing!


Tony Tiyou wants to empower customers by raising their awareness of sustainable energy. He has done this by creating the online platform: Renewables in Africa. Here, everyone is able to read about upcoming events & conferences as well as learn more about different forms of energy and how they can be invested in Africa.


The technical advice for project developers & power consumers includes:

  • Assist the client in the early stages of development
    • From the conceptual design and site identification top pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Carry out business and financial simulations of different options available
  • Provide local content knowledge in assessments of various solutions

Invest in wind energy Renewables in Africa will advice and support you.


Investing in Wind Energy

It is without question that Africa needs more investors in its energy market. Africa has a vast renewable energy potential, and thereby it is the perfect place to make an investment.


Currently, Africa’s population is set to double by 2040. Therefore, the demand for energy is clear. Not only the demand for energy, but the demand for reliable energy.


However, we understand that investors may have several areas that they are cautious over. After all, there are many unknown factors at play in Africa that may affect an investment.


When you invest in wind energy Renewables in Africa will be able to offer our high quality advice and support. We are a consultancy firm that are here to help you.


At the moment, seeing wind turbines chrungin in Africa is a rare sight. However, it has a lot of wind power to give.


One of the best ways to get involved in the investment of wind energy is to find larger companies who are investing. By doing this, you will be able to decide exactly how big or small you would like your investment to be.


Africa is ripe with opportunities for flourishing investments. Therefore, get on the bandwagon today and invest in wind energy in Africa!


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To find out more about Renewables in Africa and how you can invest in renewable energy, get in touch with our team today! You can reach us through our website or:

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