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About Us

Renewables in Africa is an online platform that was created out of a need to educate citizens about green energy potential in Africa. One of them being hydro energy renewables in Africa. Investing in renewable energy is an important aspect of today’s world and it is something that everyone needs to be more aware of.

The founder, Tony Tiyou, realised that many of his friends and close acquaintances wanted to invest in sustainable energy, but he also realized that many did not know enough about it to fully be able to commit. Therefore, that is why he created Renewables in Africa, to educate everyone who is interested in renewable energy a chance to learn more. Which could then lead to more investment in all renewables and specifically hydro energy renewables in Africa.

Hydro Energy

When it comes to hydro energy Renewables in Africa are experts. Hydro power is power derived from the energy of falling water or fast running water. This can be harnessed for useful purposes.

Africa is currently home to the world’s fastest growing economies. There is a recent proclaim of a new era of economic boom, innovation and social opportunity. However, beyond this hype, there are millions of people who remain affected by severe poverty, specifically, energy poverty. We believe that hydro energy renewables in Africa believe may be the answer.

Did you know that over half the population of Africa lack access to reliable electricity. It is important to note that in Africa, electricity is not only limited, but it is also unreliable. It remains extremely scarce in places like Chad and Liberia.

Due to this increasing energy poverty, the African government are turning towards renewable sources, such as. Therefore, they are hoping this will spur the development and improve lives and livelihoods.

Did you know that hydropower produces more than ¾ of the world’s renewable energy output every year? And across Africa, hydropower is responsible for 84% of all the non-fossil fuel energy uses. The chances for expansion of hydro energy renewables in Africa are huge.

This is an area that Renewables in Africa can help you further on. By visiting our website, you can read more on this topic and why you should invest in hydro energy. For example, you can read more about the upcoming conference: “What is best for Africa? A Weekly Conversation with Tony Tiyou & Renewables in Africa”.

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Discover more about hydro energy Renewables in Africa can supply. We are here to be your main point of contact when it comes to all things relating to sustainable energy. You can reach us here, or by sending an email to: tony@renewablesinafrica.com. Read more about Tony’s mission to boost your technical aware of renewable energy! Don’t forget to follow us on: Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter

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