Hydro Energy in Africa

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Africa has enormous coastlines for hydroelectric and wind power. This means that Africa will not have to dependent on its oil or other non-renewable energy resources to make money. The clean energy produced by hydro energy can create plenty of wealth with none of the damage to the environment. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?!

In general, hydro energy in Africa would be more financially viable and once the infrastructure is in place, the energy can be produced for free.

Hydro energy in Africa includes the build of hydro-projects produced to provide basis for industrialisation as well as social and economic development. Some of the benefits of this would include better water supply, irrigation, fisheries, navigation and tourism.

One of the big issues with hydro energy in Africa is the finance of it. Traditionally, it has been publicly financed. However, today there is a shortage of public finance. Therefore there is a big need to attract private sector financing. This can often prove to be rather difficult as there are still many uncertainties involved with hydro energy in Africa.

Even though there are many difficulties in getting hydro energy in Africa to become economical, it will be worth it in the long run. Hydro energy is a way to produce energy for free, all that is necessary is creating the infrastructure. Africa is a country that can really benefit from renewable energy sources, ahd hydro energy in Africa can solve many of their problems!

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