Energy in Africa

Energy in Africa is an important topic that is not discussed enough.


Renewables in Africa is an online platform that was created due to this need. The founder, Tony Tiyou sought to create a page where he could educate others about the lack of energy in Africa. He wanted to be able to offer advice and help for everyone interested in the topic who wanted to get involved.


Did you know that 68% of the population in Africa are without electricity according to the International Energy Agency?

That is a massive number.


The main source of energy used in Africa is coal, fuel, oil and gas. These are all renewable energy sources that can be tapped into! Energy in Africa is a scarce commodity. It is a industry that many more need to get involved in and even more need to understand fully. That is why Renewables in Africa was created. To ensure that everyone who has questions about this topic, can the answers in a simple way.


The lack of energy in Africa is only going to get worse as the population increases. The African commercial sector has been forced to resort to using expensive generator to make up for the lack in supply. However, this is a very costly way to produce energy.


Affordable and clean energy in Africa has become one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This is because energy is crucial to economic development. As basic knowledge, increased energy access will lead to improvements in healthcare, education, life expectancy and economic opportunities.


Investing in energy in Africa will allow the country on its path to flourish. It is an investment worth making as the results will benefit the population of the whole world.


If you are still unsure about the need for you to invest in energy in Africa, visit Renewables in Africa! Tony Tiyou and his colleagues will be able to help you understand the process and why it is important. We will guide you every step of the way! By visiting our website you can find out much more about our services. You can also read about upcoming events and our partnerships.


Get helping with energy in Africa today!