Empowering Africa Through Energy

Empowering Africa Through Energy

Renewables in Africa is the online platform to help you focus on empowering Africa through energy and understand the benefits that comes with this!


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About Us

Renewables in Africa was setup by founder Tony Tiyou to better help people and investors understand the potential of renewable energy in Africa.


Our platform has been set up to empower customers by raising their technical knowledge and aware of renewables solutions. By people having a better understanding we can then work together empowering Africa through energy!


Tony’s aspirations are to help you the customer to better understand what you need, what you buy and at a much later stage how to better use this energy.


Join us on empowering Africa through energy today.


Renewable Energy

Before you can help us with empowering Africa through energy, you need to have a good understand of the renewable energy sources available.


Hydro Energy:

Hydropower generation is likely to grow even more in the African continent. It represents a significant source of electricity production in the east and south of Africa. Therefore, this is one way to start empowering Africa through energy.


Wind Energy:

Did you know that Kenya is building a wind farm? This will increase the national electricity supply whilst also creating jobs for the citizens of Africa. And wind energy is captured through windmills.


Solar Energy:

In the Morocco you can find one of the world’s largest solar energy projects. This was introduced in 2009 and is continuing to grow and supply Africa with power. Solar panels are used to capture this form of energy.


Biomass Energy:

This form of energy is captured through organic matter from plants and animals. Plants absorb the sun’s energy through photosynthesis. Therefore, energy in Africa is produced mainly from this renewable source of energy.


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To join us and help start empowering Africa through energy get in contact with the team! We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.


You can give us a call on 01277 725 199 or send an email to tony@renewablesinafrica.com or aurelien@renewablesinafrica.com


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Let’s get together and start empowering Africa through energy today!

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