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Renewables in Africa has been set up by our founder Tony Tiyou to help people understand the potential of renewable energy and clean energy companies Africa has!

There is no question that Africa has an immense energy crisis. The continent has a population close to 1 billion people, however, more than 625 million people who do not have access to power.

This is an extremely peculiar situation because the continent has access to an extremely large amount of natural resources. Examples of this include:

  • Large coastline for wind power
  • A large coastline for wave power
  • Many solar resources available

Therefore, clean energy companies Africa have a great possibility to flourish and fix the lack of energy. Energy is an essential factor for the level of poverty and economic growth. Some of the major sectors in Africa, such as:

  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Communication
  • Technology

These sectors all require consistent and cost effective energy in order to spur the needed development of the continent. Therefore, at the moment, the vicious circle will stop Africa’s growth. With no increase in energy, the continent will not be able to improve its sectors and expand.

Have you heard about the African Renewable Energy Fund (AREF)?
This greatly aids clean energy companies Africa.

AREF invests in small renewable projects across Sub-Saharan Africa. Therefore, this includes investing in companies specialising in:
  • Hydro
  • Wind
  • Geothermal
  • Solar
  • Biomass

Berkeley Energy is the fun’s managing organisation and has experience in over 120 different renewable energy and power engineers, construction and investment projects across Africa and also Asia. Therefore, it is a highly successful organization focusing on investor, developer and delivery of renewable power assets.

This is the sort of organisation that can greatly support Africa in the development of its energy market and support of clean energy companies Africa.

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Renewables in Africa was created from a need to educate citizens about sustainable energy in Africa. Therefore, by raising the technical awareness of citizens’ knowledge of renewable energy, there is a hope that more people will invest in renewable energy. As well as people supporting clean energy companies Africa.

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