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Renewables in Africa

Mini Grids Summit:

Five Key Ugali Learnings from Joab, the Kenyan Phoenix! RiA-ders! *Mulembe Muno, Oriena? Feast your eyes upon this article written by Joab Wako, who attended the...
Solar Off-grid Summit: The seven wings of the Kilimanjaro

Solar Off-grid Summit: The seven wings of the Kilimanjaro

Quick Summary In this article, we are talking about the seven main points from the Solar Offgrid & Renewables: Wing 1: Mini-grids are essential for...
Clean Energy Summit Ghana April 2017

Clean Energy Summit Africa, Accra, Ghana #CEAfrica:

10 Reasons not to miss it? * Akwaaba! Etesen? The Sun rises in the East and sets in the West, but there are days, it just...
Habiba Ali - Clean Energy Woman Entrepreneur

Faces of Clean Energy Africa (FACEA):

The Intrepid HABIBA ALI, the pioneer of Kaduna, Northern Nigeria. *Ndewo my people!! **Kedụ ka ọ dị?   RiA is starting today a new series called FAces of Clean...
Emerging Markets - Man running to Solar Deals

Emerging PV Markets …The Art of the (Solar) Deal

*Wakolipo my dear RiA Friend, **Ove ovangula Umbundu? Not sure, so better not embarrassing yourself:-). Money is the lifeblood of war and in the capitalist world...

What is Best for Africa? –

A weekly conversation with Tony Tiyou & Renewables in Africa (Starting Sept 19th) Quick Summary: RiA is launching a new initiative, WiBA and here are the...
Where are we for Infrastructure Investments? - AEF 2019 CEO Interview: Samaila Zubairu from AFC

Africa Infrastructure Investments and Trade – AEF 2019 CEO Interview: Samaila Zubairu from AFC

In this Interview, RiA has been talking to Mr. Samaila Zubairu, CEO of Africa Finance Corporation
Offgrid Energy Access Forum

In People, Dollars, Energy Access is Growing by Billions: GTM’s Off Grid Energy Access...

Quick Summary As the energy access sector and its complementary technology markets continue to mature and evolve, some key thematic trends and issues demand attention, which will be...

Tackling Africa Energy Trends with Shirley Webber from ABSA

This year at Africa Energy Forum 2021, I caught up with a key figure of ABSA, the South African Bank: Shirley Webber, the Head...
Valley of the moon Atacama Desert

Africa, Asia, LatAm: where are the HOT markets?

– Part 2 of 2 * Manzakine Za my dear RiA Friend?   Happy to be back with you.  On the  first part, we looked at the...
Clean Energy Summit Accra 2017

Clean Energy Summit Africa 2017:

5 Takeaways and … Jollof Rice Mah Chi * my friends   How great are you doing? Getting ready for the Easter break?  Well, could I proudly...