Biomass Energy in Africa

Did you know:

that renewable energy in Africa is vital for a green future?

Biomass energy in Africa is an important piece of the puzzle in order to increase the availability of energy in Africa.

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What exactly is biomass energy?

Biomass energy is a renewable source of energy that comes from organic material from plants and animals. It contains stored energy from the sun that plants absorb, in a process called photosynthesis. When the biomass is burned, the chemical energy in the biomass is released as heat.

What role does biomass energy in Africa play?

Several million people are involved in the production, distribution and sale of the fuel wood and charcoal. The energy in Africa is mainly produced from biomass (47%). Other forms of energy production in Africa are oil (24.8%), coal (16.5%), gas (10.4%) and other such as large and small hydro, solar and geothermal sources (1.3%).

Biomass energy in Africa is a large investment with positive results.

Some examples of biomass energy includes:

  • Wood and wood processing wastes
    • This includes energy for heat buildings, produce process heating in industry and to generate electricity
  • Agricultural crops and waste material
    • This is burned as a fuel or it is converted to liquid biofuels
  • Food, yard and wood waste garbage
    • This sort of biomass is used to be burned to generate electricity in power plants or it is converted to biogas in landfills
  • Animal manure and human sewage
    • This is converted to biogas which can then be burned as a fuel

As you can see, biomass energy in Africa is a very large industry. There are lots of possibilities within biomass energy to produce renewable energy in Africa. Would you like to find out more? Visit Renewables in Africa to read more articles about the topic and to find ways you can get involved.

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