Biomass Developers for Africa

Are you considering joining the biomass developers for Africa?

Renewables in Africa can tell you how!


Renewables in Africa is an online platform created by Tony Tiyou. It has been designed to help advise and teach people about the renewable energy industry in Africa.

By visiting Renewables in Africa you can read about upcoming events, services, galleries and ways to contact us and get involved. You can also read about how founder Tony Tiyou hopes to make the world more aware of going green and its many benefits.

What is biomass energy and how can you get involved?

Biomass is a renewable source. It is fuel that has been developed from organic materials. It is a renewable and sustainable source of energy which is used to create electricity or other forms of power. Some examples of materials that make up this renewable source of energy is:

  • Scrap lumber
  • Forest debris
  • Certain crops
  • Manure
  • Certain types of waste residue

We have a constant supply of waste in the world and this will never stop.

This waste, can be used in green energy production. Therefore that is one reason why biomass developers for Africa play such a vital role.

There are several million people who are involved in the production, distribution and sale of fuel wood and charcoal. Energy in Africa is mainly produced from biomass (47%). 24.8% is produced from oil and 16.5% comes from coal. And 10.4% of energy in Africa is produced from gas with other renewable sources producing 1.3%.  

Biomass developers for Africa are extremely important for the future of the country, as well as the rest of the world. Therefore by investing your time, money and effort in such an important aspect of our world’s progression, we can guarantee it will be a worthy investment for the future.

Most citizens of Africa do not have access to reliable electricity, and even fewer lack electricity in general. By joining biomass developers for Africa, you can make a difference for many lives.

The adoption of renewable energy in developing economies is growing at about twice the rates of any industrialized economies. Therefore this is another reason why it is important to join the biomass developers for Africa today!

Visit Renewables in Africa’s online platform to find out more about biomass developers for Africa. You can also reach us on Together we can help each other for a greener world and more renewable energy in Africa!

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