Becoming a (green) Author with Omniscriptum publishing house

Becoming a (green) Author with Omniscriptum publishing house
Becoming a (green) Author with Omniscriptum publishing house

Quick Summary:

In this article, Tony Tiyou is sharing some insights about his journey in becoming an author.:

  • How did I get the idea to write the book?
  • How did I get convinced?
  • What is the publication process alike?
  • What are the benefits?


Last year in November, I entered the great and rewarding family of authors after releasing my first ever book “The Wind Industry Outlook in Africa”. As I am celebrating the first-year anniversary of this publications, I also wanted to take the opportunity to share the journey with fellow colleagues and aspiring authors in my way to a published book.

How did I get the idea to write the book?

As a Clean Energy professional running a consultancy and media platform called Renewables in Africa, I am well aware and concerned about the lack of in-depth information about renewable energy across Africa. I have been publishing articles and reports on various platforms to raise awareness, but would clearly admit that the writing a book was still a distant thought.

One of my articles, “The Five Biggest Wind Markets in Africa”, caught the editor’s attention from Omniscriptum Publishing house, who contacted me and suggested to explore the idea of writing a publication on the topic and publish it as a book.

How did I get convinced?

Although I was certainly flattered by the proposition, I knew it was also a big enterprise that had to be thought though properly before making any decisions. I consulted around me and also carry out some researches to understand how this would work and to know better the publishing company. I was certainly seduced by the easy publication process and eco-friendly approach whereby books are printed on demand and market-oriented distribution methods to ensure that there are no unsold copies.

How the publication process goes?

The process is relatively simple and straightforward. The first step is to submit a brief abstract of the book idea for consideration to one of Omniscriptum editors. Once idea has been validated, the next step is to write a draft and agreeing on a timeframe with the editor. The writing-up is certainly the most challenging part as a substantial amount of work is required to create this draft.  On a personal level it took me about 8 months to complete the draft.

After submission of the draft, the editor will once again review and validate the work. Once the draft has been approved, the editor will give the opportunity to an author to make any required changes either in the manuscript or on the book cover and if there are no more changes to make – the book is on its way to the readers.

For a first-time author, I was pleased to work with a fast and easy to follow process. I would certainly recommend other authors to consider Omniscriptum as a partner.

What are the benefits?

Becoming an author has been extremely rewarding on personal, but also professional level. This is probably one of the best ways to share knowledge and provide a contribution and legacy to the whole society.

Last but not least, the book could also become a valuable source of income and a great marketing tool so why would you hesitate? Who knows, you might even emulate the success of Becoming Michelle Obama! Yes you can, just do it!!

Merry Christmas All!!!


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