Masterclass: how to become a solar developer

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    Masterclass: how to become a solar developer

    A Masterclass for Green Entrepreneurs

    How to Learn to Develop A Solar Project and Get The Project Started in 30 Days (Without Spending lot Of Money In the process)

    On this Masterclass we'll cover how to become an established player and develop viable projects without spending hundreds of thousands and taking years.

    You can use these techniques to learn how to develop a solar project, attract investors, and even get the project started!

    Hey, I’ll even show you an effective approach to keep enough equity for yourself!

    In fact, here's just a sample of what we'll cover on this incredible Masterclass event:

    * How to secure the right site and the right agreement?
    * How to accurately predict the Energy yield?
    * How to manage well the permitting and surveying phases?
    * How to select the right EPC/Contractor partner?
    * How to negotiate a good and credible Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?
    * How to attract suitable investors for the project?

    ... and much, MUCH More!

    Don't miss this breakthrough Masterclass that will finally show you The key principles to make the project VERY BANKABLE for funders.