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The Start

It is widely recognised that Renewable Energy Sources and especially Solar Power have a great potential in Africa and somehow the market is struggling to pick up steam. Part of the problem is that we have little knowledge of the sector. We created Renewables in Africa to “Empower Customers by raising their Technical Knowledge and Awareness of Renewables Solutions”


There is so much to say about renewables, but we've got to start somewhere. The technical articles are a good entry point, and we also conduct regular webinars entitled "What Is Best for Africa" (WIBA). We compile the latest projects under a tracker. We provide bespoke market research.

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... the potential of Africa's renewable energy has become our new mission. Our media platform is also dedicated to transform and enlighten the continent, one project at a time. We convey the latest news about the sector. We enable renewable project owners to liaise with partners and investors. If you want to know more...

The Future

We work to spread awareness about Renewables in Africa. We believe in a bright future for our kids, the continent and the rest of the world, as we adopt sustainable solutions. It takes time, but we are ready to fly. Who else is joining us?

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