It is widely recognised that Renewable Energy Sources and especially Solar Power have a great potential in Africa and somehow the market is struggling to pick up steam and we do wonder why.

3 main reasons are regularly cited:

  • Expensive price
  • Low quality
  • Not fit for purpose

As a consequence, local customers, both businesses and individuals are disappointed and left disenchanted with products and solutions they have acquired.

Part of the problem is that they have little or no real knowledge of their purchases and I strongly believe it would greatly help to enhance their understanding of products on offer in order to make the RIGHT choice.

To this prospect, I have created this Renewables in Africa to

“Empower Customers by raising their Technical Knowledge and Awareness of Renewables Solutions”

The approach I am taking is more focused on business applications; although I suspect retail customers would find a great deal of valuable information.

My aspirations are to help you the customer to better understand what you need? What you buy? And at a much later stage how to better use this Energy?