Sustainable IT Decoded (Google Project) – (Jun – Oct 2021)

Google Project
June, 2021
carbon, innovation, solar energy

Project Requirements / Challenge

Google was looking to create a virtual masterclass to educate IT managers in general and more specifically IT procurement managers on the importance of implementing sustainability at the heart of their strategy as IT capabilities are expanding more widely.

The project was a joint venture by Google Cloud and Intel.



RiA was contacted by the marketing and communication agency Google hired to help design a masterclass presenting an objective & comprehensive view of sustainable IT.

After jointly working with the team for 3 months, which included, carrying out research, working on the script, rehearsing, and recording the video, the final product was released in Oct 2021:


The result delivered was the following:

Free 45-minute, interactive e-learning experience; a masterclass covering three themes;

  • Renewable energy and carbon neutrality
  • Efficient and smart data centers
  • Circular economy and zero waste to landfill

Featuring industry experts as masterclass hosts and mentors: Tony Tiyou (Host), Urs Hölzle (Google Cloud expert), Ann Rosenberg (Wood Plc Expert), Marta Muñoz (IDC Expert)

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