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Renewables in Africa (RiA) is also...

... a consultancy company. Our aim is to bring (back) power to Africa, while delivering value to our customers.

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Can't Find Reliable Data On Renewables In Africa?

We've gathered local experts from around the continent to provide the latest and most reliable data on renewable energy in Africa.

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Can Africa Green Bonds be the future of funding? Climate Bonds Initiative Expert tells...

The Bond Market and especially the African Green Bond Market is a topic that is attracting a lot attention and also lots of...
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How to invest with confidence in Africa? A discussion with AIIM Trailblazing Head of...

At the AEF 2019, we had great conversations with leaders of the industry, talking to Samaila Zubairu from AFC, Ricardo Machado from...
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Africa Infrastructure Investments and Trade – AEF 2019 CEO Interview: Samaila Zubairu from AFC

In this Interview, RiA has been talking to Mr. Samaila Zubairu, CEO of Africa Finance Corporation

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Founder of RiA

I'm a Father, a Husband, an Engineer, and above all...Your good Renewables Conscience:-) My mission, simple: To boost your Technical Awareness of Renewable Energy!!

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On-Grid vs Off-Grid: What is the difference?

Quick Summary In this article, Rachel Sekibo, a Southampton University Student and Tony Tiyou are revisiting the concept...
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How does a Green Mini-grid work?

Quick Summary: In this article, we are talking about Green Mini-grids in Africa. Find below the main talking points: What is a mini-grid? What are...


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Interview with Olivier Drücke: Solar is changing the game in Africa

Quick Summary In this article, RiA is very honoured to interview a key individual in charge of german initiatives in Africa. Olivier Drücke works as independent...
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Bino And Fino: The Hit Cartoon That Makes You Love Renewables And African Culture

Black Panther and Wakanda made adults dream, Bino and Fino make kids smarter. How? The popular cartoon made in Nigeria combines education and entertainment...


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The Solar Path made perfect for customers: Heart to heart with Vincent Maposa, CEO...

QUICK SUMMARY Even as we are optimistic about the flattening of the covid-19 curve while maintaining social distancing,...
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Designing Energy Storage Holy Grail for Africa – A conversation with Award-winning CEO Amrit

Quick Summary In this podcast interview, Tony has been talking to Amrit Chandan, CEO and co-Founder of Aceleron, a...

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